Since before I could walk, horses have been a part of my life. Growing up I spent countless hours on the back of one, learning to feel every movement and anticipate each moment. I apply this same attention to detail in my photographs—an organic sense of anticipation that resides within each moment during a wedding day. Movement is constant and within those movements lie a story.

Although I love all horses, my logo is inspired by a very special horse in particular: my Grey Mare. Yes, I know, such a creative name. The summer before I turned 14, I worked on a horse farm. On the farm were many different horses -- reining horses, old retired Thoroughbred racehorses, western pleasure horses, and a few unbroken ones. It was one of these that caught my eye. She was dark and sleek, and seemed shy yet anxious. I began working with her daily -- and we grew a bond. The owners (who became like dear mentors/second parents to me) gifted her to me on my 14th birthday. We have went through a lot of things together; and time has taken it's toll; as you can see in the photos she is no longer almost black, but each year she has faded to a lighter shade of grey. When she almost five, she lost her left eye and that brought us even closer. She completely trusted me to lead her in spaces she couldn't see (due to the location of a horse's eye, she cannot see anything on her left side) and we continued competitively barrel racing together. With two left turns to be made, she bravely waits for my slight shift in weight and for me to bring my right foot forward slightly; these things happen within hundredths of a second as we gallop toward a barrel that she can't see, but when she feels these changes in my body language, she turns. Basically, she is amazing and it's this unseen bond that I feel like really impacts my vision in photos.

The wind rushed through my hair, my heart beating faster as the 1,000 lb. animal picked up speed beneath me. No bridle, no saddle, we were uninhibited, plunging forward. The fear gave way to complete unbridled freedom, a feeling of unadulterated flight and eventually a sense of oneness, a harmony as my body melded into the horses own, her muscles rippling powerfully underneath my legs, but yet as strong as she was; she was gentle -- and a quiet bond was shared between us.

This is love. Strong yet gentle.