andre + leanna // vantage, wa desert engagement session

In May, I met up with Andre and Leanna in eastern Washington for their engagement session. It was incredibly windy, tugging at Leanna's hair, whipping it about, but she didn't let it bother her. Despite the weather, she and Andre focused on each other and this short season as an engaged couple, and the real reason they were having the photos taken in the first place. They weren't guarded, but open, allowing me to capture them and their authentic selves. Exploring the desert was wonderful and a beautiful change from the moss-covered trees of Seattle and Portland. We shot till the after the sank below the horizon, as the scenery became drenched in blue.

Today, they get married and we will have a much different scenario than their engagement session. It will be at Treehouse Point, nestled in the quiet forest, with anticipations running high but I'm sure the same calm love will be present throughout.


Thankful to be part of capturing this for them.