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Going home is always something I look forward to. At times it's hard to believe it's been five years since I left, since I set out for the North without looking back. I'll admit sometimes I feel homesick, and I long for the South and all that it made me. This trip was special, since it was the first time I had visited during the summer since I moved away. White, hot sandy beaches, sun tan lines, sweet tea, river days...these are a few of my favorite things about a Southern summer.  I had a wedding to shoot in Destin, FL so my family and I drove the few hours to spend some time together on the Gulf coast, and I'm so glad we did. I had definitely forgotten just how hot it was during the summer, because I literally wanted to die almost time upon stepping outside. The air is thick and it feels like you're covered in hot smog at all times (ok I'm exaggerating SLIGHTLY). But really, y'all, the south is humid. Besides that, I went fishing with dad, saw friends I only see once a year, shot an engagement session, and as you will see, spent a lot of time with my horses...and yes, there are a LOT of photos with horses, but honestly, what better way to describe what my life was like as a child? Growing up, I never wore shoes and was always covered in mud, dirt, or horse hair. Sometimes all of the above. Every waking second I was with my horse practicing barrels, or pulling off some other stunt with them (pretending to shoot arrows while hanging off the side of my horse at full speed, standing up riding, or running from indians while ducking my head as my horse ran through the dense trees are just a few things I did). I was raised in the country and I am so thankful for that. I'm also thankful Elsa was able to experience some of what it was like for me growing up.

Also, there are a ton of photos in general...I had originally planned on doing this post in parts but I just got back from my 2nd visit to GA since this one, so I crammed it all into one. I will be doing another segment next week on our visit to Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia as a family.

"blame it on my roots...I showed up in boots."