anna + levi // alaska elopement inspiration

those of you who know me, know I spent a little over two years living in rural Alaska. this place will always have a hold on me; the northwest is beautiful but there is an unspoken freedom in Alaska that is unparalleled in any other place I have ever been. there is a quiet wildness, a gentle harshness.

more than anything, I wanted to capture that in this shoot...wild, yet calm, the looming glacier and the wind complemented by warm embraces and stolen glances between these two beautiful people who love each other with everything. thanks anna and levi for being perfect for this shoot, you guys have such a great connection and it is so apparent just being around you for that short time.

Alaska should be the next Iceland for destination elopements. if you are wanting a destination elopement, especially in Alaska, feel free to contact me. I'll be there next June and I'm always willing to go back.


dress: Rue De Seine "Sadi" from Seattle's The Dress Theory

florals: Grace Adams and myself

flag: The Wild Standard -- also perfect for home decor :)


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