letters to our daughters: april 2015

Dear Elsa,

You are a star. We drove all the way from Washington to Minnesota and you never even threw a fit. I was pleasantly surprised and so proud of how patient and resilient you are already proving to be. Seriously...I think I squirmed more during the 22 hour drive each way than you did. I'm so glad we were able to meet the Johnsons, and for you to play with their boys--you all got along so well! We explored their farm, chased their chickens, and learned about essential oils, which is something I'm so excited to be using now. We got to see the Badlands in North Dakota...the rocky mountains in Montana..I just laugh because I never traveled growing up and you have already seen/been to 9 states and three different oceans at just two years old. Of course, right now that doesn't matter too much too you...everything is fascinating, even the mundane. And that's beautiful...the ability to be content with little. What a blessing that is, and I hope that always stays with you. It is perfectly ok to live a simple life, to long for quiet days, just as it is ok to have dreams of traveling the world and embarking on life-changing adventures.  The Lord will direct you, and I pray that your heart always listens to the subtle whispers of the Lord that lead you into the story perfected especially for you.

April was also a hard month because dad left for the summer to Alaska, and now that you're older you notice he's gone. The first few days he was gone you asked me "Where daddy go?" and now that I've answered that question about 15 times, you routinely tell me "Daddy in Laska for work." "Yes, my sweet girl, " I say, "Daddy is taking care of us. He loves us." You just smile, because you know it's true.

April was also a good month..even though I was getting busier and busier, leaving me with less time for you, I knew it was time. God had been moving in big ways for the past few months, and finally, it was time. Dad and I decided that June 10 will be my last day working my school job, and come this fall, I will be doing photography + staying home with you. This makes me unbelievably happy because ever since I went back to work when you were 15 months old, I have longed to be with you more. I want to cultivate your heart, your mind, and nurture your spirit. I never wanted to be a part time mom.

Love you little lady.


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