letters to our daughters // may 2015

Dear Elsa,

I love how much you're learning each day. It is truly wonderful to see your mind expand before my very eyes, soaking up every tiny detail around you and piecing it all together. You have already learned to talk so well, but this month your use of sentences kind of blew my mind. I can't believe you're getting so big, and I seriously know that sounds so like "duh" but really...I can't. One day you'll be a parent and you'll understand what I mean. With dad gone, there is such a huge difference in you compared to last summer. While we were randomly driving last, week, you said "Daddy takes me to feed the ducks. I miss him...I just want to give him a hug." Seriously, heart melted. And also a little guilty on the fact I haven't taken you to feed the ducks since dad left.

You're already such a creative little lady, drawing pictures of me, and painting with perfectly complimenting colors. Your imagination is growing each day, evidenced when you prepared "birthday cakes" out of my body scrub jar + a dish cleaner suctioned to the top as a candle. Oh and don't forget the stacking cups that were our "birthday hats". Singing a pretend Happy Birthday song and blowing out the dish cleaner candle while wearing stacking cup birthday hats during bath time was surely my favorite memory this month. I love that you thought of it all yourself, and it makes me so excited to give you a real birthday party in just a few short months (ahhh, I can't even!)!  Also, you developed a strong love for suckers this month. I guess that's fair.

I love you always and always.