Letters to our Daughters // February 2015

Dear Elsa,

This month was a blur, I don't even know how it's been a month since my last post. Which is my point...life is spinning by too quickly and you are growing faster and faster. I grasp at each moment with a desperation--hoping that they won't leave me wondering where I was, what was I doing while you were busy learning and changing? Everything is so meaningless in comparison to you. I fully believe my greatest task in life given to me by God is being a mother, and that doing it well, not just halfway, matters more than any money I make or how successful my business is.

From quick trips to the park to feed ducks, time spent outside, to snuggling on the couch as you watch Ice Age for the millionth time, these moments are my favorite. You're so fascinated with the world around you, and the simplest things delight you. Planes flying through the sky are a source of wonder, and slides the most exciting thing since sliced cheese. I love your heart and I'm doing my best to learn how to see even the mundane as extraordinary, so, thank you, for being an inspiration to me. Sometimes I'm too busy soaking in these moments to capture them. You continue to amaze me with new words, full sentences and thoughtfulness. The other day you brought me a towel while I was in the shower, which shows you're already thinking of others.  I guess another example would be how much you love taking care of your "baby." Always making sure she has a clean diaper, feeding her, taking her for walks, you're like a little mother already :) I absolutely love seeing how much you are understanding the world around you. Your new favorite saying is "Hey! Be nice to me!" which I'm sure you picked up from some other kid, but the fact that use it when we're getting on to you is rather hilarious. All in all, you have a mind of your own--you're independent, fearless. You know what you want and when you want it. Right now, it leads to a lot of times out, but I have a feeling that later in life these traits will be a good thing. This month was also full of tattoos and wild hair...I don't know why, but ponytails have been non existent for the last few weeks. I think we shall incorporate those back into our life this month. I mean, that hair...it needs to be tamed.

I can't wait for this month and all of the moments, big and small, that it will hold.


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