lorianna + trent // ashburn, georgia wedding

One thing I love is photographing friend's weddings. Since I moved away and started my business in a completely new area from the one I grew up in, more often that not, the couple's I photograph are people I have only met once, maybe twice and sometimes, never. It's so amazing to be pulled into their lives, if only for a moment, and see a portion of their story unfold. The thing I love about friends weddings is that I have seen their story unfolding for years, and this is a continuation that I get to capture. It's interesting to have seen the transitions and changes they have went through to reach this point in their life, and I feel honored to be a part of it. When I first met Trent, I knew he and Lorianna would get married; there was just something about her with him.  Not long after they got engaged, Lorianna asked me if I would photograph their wedding, which is something I absolutely did want to do. Not only would I be photographing incredible moments for her and Trent, I would be able to see my family in Georgia which is always a bonus for weddings in the South.

Their wedding day was an incredible reflection of their relationship: simple, honest, meaningful. These two have a love that inspires, and moves me. One of my favorite parts of their wedding was the foot washing ceremony, which is more common in the South, an example of love and commitment that stems from Jesus's own love and commitment to us. Since Lorianna is an art major, all of her handmade decor and her floral crown were spot on. It was also fun seeing people I hadn't seen in years, with a friend from high school, and Holly, who was a bridesmaid and also the one who first introduced Lorianna and I almost five years ago. Seeing things come full circle is inspiring to me; stories and the intertwining-it's all so incredible.

Also, thank you to Halie Johnson for second shooting and capturing some amazing images as well.

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