Sister-in-Law | Yakima, WA Individual Portrait Session

Jess Hunter Photography by Jessica Hunter Yakima Wedding & Senior Portrait Photographer

My sister-in-law is also a photographer, and so she needed some photos for her website (, which I was happy to provide her with.  Other than the fact that we are both photographers, we have a whole lot of other things in common. The biggest and most confusing thing we have in common: the same name. Yep, we're both Jessica Hunters! I'm married to Nick and she is married to his brother Clint. I guess we can say that the Hunter boys have good Lol. We also live in the same city now (Yakima, Washington), on the same street, and we both have Canon 7Ds. Haha, I PROMISE none of this was intentional, but it just keeps happening with us. As we get to know each other more and more, these similarities just keep popping up all over the place! We've only really known each other a little over a year, since just before Nick and I got married, so each thing is a surprise. They're often ironic but they're always fun...I enjoy having someone who loves photography as much as I do who lives right down the street. We can use each other to test out ideas or just to practice, which is a pretty great bonus to being sister-in-laws living on the same street. :) Did I mention that we both have brown hair and green eyes? :)

Here are my favorites from the session:

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