Visit Home to Georgia

Oh my gosh, I am SO happy to finally have this post up! It's been almost a month since we got back from my visiting my family and friends in Georgia and I miss everyone and everything so much already. And there is so much to miss....the warmth of the sun as it hits the back of my neck...the Spanish moss blowing gently in the wind...the joy of being able to share Elsa with my parents...the new found maturity my sister is beginning to possess...the freedom I feel as my Grey Mare's hooves thunder beneath me...the comforting taste of Southern food. I could go on and on...but I won't :) This trip marked a 14 month span without seeing my parents and my sister. Which in my opinion, was way too long to go without seeing any of them. The hardest part about there being such a long period between seeing them was them not meeting Elsa until she was almost 6 months old. Even though it was amazing and so fulfilling to have her meet her other set of grandparents, it still makes me sad knowing it was the first time and will be the only time for another good while.

Besides not seeing my family, I also didn't get to see my other love: my Grey Mare. While I love horses in general, my grey mare and I have a special bond. I broke and trained her as a two year old, and now she is actually turning 10 in two days (April 16). Crazy! She only has one eye, but instead of it hindering her, she does just as good without it and still runs barrels awesomely. In the future we plan on bringing her to WA (or wherever we end up) but for now she gets to live in GA with my family and my sister's horses. I was able to ride her a lot during our trip (as you can see from the photos), and I even got to take her to a couple of barrel races, and we placed at one of them! Pretty awesome I'd say, since I hadn't ridden her in 14 months and it was only her 3rd show in a 3 year span. She's pretty awesome and I'm gonna miss her.

I am so thankful that I was able to go on this with my hubby and Elsa. I'm glad I got to go fishing with my dad. I'm glad I got to ride horses, and ride horses with my sister. I'm glad I got to spend time with friends that I haven't seen in ages. I'm glad Elsa met her grandparents and her Auntie Morgan. I'm glad I got to eat Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby's, and all of my other Georgia restaurant indulgences. Most of all I am just glad that I was just able to BE there. To be home again. And I'm also thankful for my hubby..who really did make this trip possible.

Below is a collection of both Instagram and regular photos from the trip. Horse overload, I know.[gallery type="rectangular" ids=",327,342,345,333,344,343,347,348,349,346,338,340,330,329,337,350,332,341,334,339,331,335,328,351,352,370,357,356,355,353,354,360,369,375,371,372,374,373,368,377,378,367,359,358,379,361,362,363,365,364,376,366"]