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In July, Leeshy Lou Photography, Liz Franco Photography, and I (Jess Hunter Photography) put together an amazing styled shootout with both a wedding couple and two female models that took place in Wenatchee, Washington. While it was whimsical romance themed, my favorite part was when we broke away from the theme and had some more natural looking shots. We all three worked hard to create the sets and therefore we probably didn't get as many shots as the participating photographers, but that's ok because I'm still in love with the ones I did get! :) Thank you so much to all of the models, vendors, and participating photographers for making this day possible! Vendor List:

Models: Trelby // Breanna // Zack & Amanda

Hair & Makeup: Mari Richardson with Paradise Salon & Day Spa (Wenatchee)

White chair, pink ruffle dress: THREADS consignment boutique (Kennewick)

Flowers: John Gasperetti's Floral Design (Yakima)

Picture frame, mirror, green chair, crates: The Vintage Farmhouse (Omak)

Pink floral crown: Abby Bella Boutique


Here are some of my favorites:

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My Sister Morgan | Valdosta, Georgia Portrait Photographer

Jess Hunter Photography by Jessica Hunter Yakima Wedding & Senior Portrait Photographer

During my visit to Georgia, I got to do an awesome spur of the moment session with my beautiful 13 year old sister, Morgan. She looks so completely beautiful and GROWN-UP in these photos that I am just amazed! I wish more than anything that I was able to see her more often. I hate that I'm missing out on her growing up. Oh well..I know God has me right where he intends for me to be. Of course, that's always easy to know and not always easy to be comforted by. When I still lived at home, my sister and I didn't really spend a lot of time together...and she started riding AFTER I moved to Alaska, so now the one thing that we have in common is something we don't get to do together very often. However, it is inspiring because growth is so noticeable in her riding every time I come back to visit. I am blessed to call her my sister, and am so proud of the way she has "followed in my footsteps" in a sense, by learning to love horses just as much as I do. I love this session...and this girl...and the love of her horse that is so apparent in these photos.

This session was featured on Beyond the Wanderlust; check it out here:

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Sister-in-Law | Yakima, WA Individual Portrait Session

Jess Hunter Photography by Jessica Hunter Yakima Wedding & Senior Portrait Photographer

My sister-in-law is also a photographer, and so she needed some photos for her website (, which I was happy to provide her with.  Other than the fact that we are both photographers, we have a whole lot of other things in common. The biggest and most confusing thing we have in common: the same name. Yep, we're both Jessica Hunters! I'm married to Nick and she is married to his brother Clint. I guess we can say that the Hunter boys have good Lol. We also live in the same city now (Yakima, Washington), on the same street, and we both have Canon 7Ds. Haha, I PROMISE none of this was intentional, but it just keeps happening with us. As we get to know each other more and more, these similarities just keep popping up all over the place! We've only really known each other a little over a year, since just before Nick and I got married, so each thing is a surprise. They're often ironic but they're always fun...I enjoy having someone who loves photography as much as I do who lives right down the street. We can use each other to test out ideas or just to practice, which is a pretty great bonus to being sister-in-laws living on the same street. :) Did I mention that we both have brown hair and green eyes? :)

Here are my favorites from the session:

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