Hey there!

For 2016, I have a few goals in mind. A bucket list of sorts, if you will. Whether you're getting married here in the Northwest, or elsewhere in the world, I'm looking to document the story of people who want to have a unique, stylish, or unconventional wedding day. People who aren't afraid to throw tradition out the window, who may have an affinity for good design and want to showcase that at their wedding. People who are getting married in a venue that really isn't a venue, but a place that means something to them, or they just thought it looked damn cool so they said "Hey, we're getting married HERE." Yep. People who ain't got time for doin thangs the typical way.

If that's you, shoot me an email >> jesshunterphotography@gmail.com I have a special for you.


Jess Hunter is an elopement and wedding photographer in Seattle Washington also offering Portland, Oregon wedding photography. I love documenting wedding days artistically and organically and value getting to know the people I work with.