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organic storytelling paired with artful imagery.

Hello. I’m Jess.

I grew up in south Georgia in a small town and didn't see snow until I traveled to Colorado when I was 18 (also my first flight). I was an avid reader and found solace in stories of places and people I had never known. I attribute this to my curiosity and need to understand more than what I had been given, and three days after graduating high school I moved 3000 miles away to Alaska, where my life was forever changed. It is quite beautiful to me how the smallest decision can can lead to some of the most significant alterations of your life...I've found this to be true for many of the love stories I've photographed. This is true in both aspects for myself, as I have been married seven years to the man I met in Alaska, and the one who is to blame for this photography business. He bought me my first camera one month before Elsa was born. I try to wrap my head around what my life would be like had I not taken such a huge risk and moved from the comforts of my childhood home, but I truly can’t.

I’ve found myself to be quite a walking contradiction; always seeking the truth, yet nothing etched in stone. I appreciate the poetry of existence, ads even the saddest moments hold a sort of nostalgia to them for me. My brain is a constant buzz of ideas and inspiration that I hope to one day implement. I’d love to move North again and open a Scandivian style venue nestled in the mountains, or a quiet meadow surrounded by a lush forest. As for now, I’m kept quite busy with three little humans to nurture, along with the amazing clients I’m blessed to photograph. I’ve heard that this season of life is called “being in the trenches” and it does have a lot of merit for me. As I mentioned up above, we have three little people that we’re raising to be kind and intentional humans: Elsa Louise (6), Atticus Jude (2), and now, Solomon Grey (born April 2018). While I’ve had to put some of my bigger travel and aspirations on hold because #2under2, I’m looking forward to my “rebirth” as I like to call it ;) Two thousand nineteen is going to be the best year, yet.


photo by Jacob Loafman







we love his old soul



but we also treasure it


seeing the world through their eyes

has reinvented my own



I'm restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again // Anais Nin