We as entrepreneurs are often fighting our way forward, forging a path so foreign to our friends and family and we often question everything we do because it is foreign at times. The majority of us never went to college for photography, or for business, so rather than formal teaching settings we find ourselves navigating the sea of online forums, clinging to answers that strangers give halfheartedly. But sometimes, we need more than that. Over the last year I've grown increasingly passionate about helping other photographers find their voice and moving their business forward. I'm currently offering one-on-one mentor sessions. These are 2-hour long sessions designed to help you move forward with your business. We will talk via skype or in-person about branding and strategy, finding clients you love, website content + portfolio reviews, lighting, posing, pricing + building a profitable business, editing, workflow, and anything you want to ask. I have found it is best to focus on one-two topics during a mentor session so we can delve deeper into those topics vs. skimming the surface, so definitely think through what it is you need help with the most beforehand. If you're wanting to build onto what we talk about, a full day or multi-session option might be the best fit.

Please note all current mentor sessions available for purchase are skype or google hangout based. For in-person, shoot me an email to see when I'm available, or to create a custom option that can include a live shoot.

Current Mentor Session Openings: Jan, Feb, Early March.

2-hour mentor session

 Because I spend time preparing for each individual session based off the info you give me, I can only take a certain amount per month.

We will focus on 1-2 topics of your choosing, as tackling more than this leaves us simply skimming the surface of each topic. If you're needing help with multiple things, or want to delve even deeper, multi-sessions may be a better fit.

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3 2-hour mentor sessions

For those looking to have a little more intensive help. We will meet together three times so we can dig deep, talk about your progress and overall just cover more ground.

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Full Day In Person

 Because I spend time preparing for each individual session based off the info you give me, I only take a limited amount of in person sessions. These need to take place either in Yakima, WA or if you reach out, it's possible I could do Portland or Seattle as I'm frequently in both places.

A full day, in-person, one on one workshop completely tailored to your needs. I will walk you through discovering your why behind your work and how to separate yourself from the sea of photographer, along with bringing that why into your branding and shooting to create a compelling, value based brand for your clients which leads to working with clients you love and who are willing to pay your worth. We will also do a live shoot and I will go over how I work with couples, from getting to know them to ways I draw out real emotion and what light I look for. We can go over marketing strategies, seo, and anything else you're struggling with to increase your profits + lead to a more sustainable business.

  • Since my wife and I set out on our journey to become lifestyle and wedding photographers, Jess Hunter has been a key source of our inspiration. From the emotion she draws out between the couples whom she photographs, to the rich and moody colors and tones that epitomize her breathtaking imagery, she has set for us a standard for which we continually strive...Jess ended up spending nearly two and a half hours with us via Skype connection, and the time simply flew by. She shared with us invaluable information about how to grow our business, the necessity to search our souls to find our “why”, how to reach our ideal clients, how to build our brand, and she even shared a few personal stories of her own struggles and successes. Our mentorship with Jess has been one of the most significant events to date in the early stages of our careers as professional photographers. She provided a level of encouragement and wisdom that only one who has faced and overcome comparable challenges could, yet she presented herself with a sense of warmth, humility, and a gracious touch of southern charm. We couldn’t be more honored to have had a truly enlightening mentorship with the lovely and talented Jess Hunter. Not only were we able to listen to and learn from her, but we feel like we’ve cultivated a new friendship with Jess, as she’s invited us to think if her as someone whom we can reach out to for support and advice whenever we need it. We only hope that someday, we are able to give back to her in a way that even remotely measures up to the degree of kindness and generosity that she has shown to both of us.
    — Paul and Jasmine Rottman - Chicago, Illinois
  • I love the idea of mentors in the industry. Someone to have an open and honest discussion about the direction my business is heading. I found it incredibly valuable and inspiring to talk to Jess who’s work I admire and who is well established in her business about the areas that needed attention in my business. We discussed a direction for my energy rather than trying to attend to all things at once and not really achieving a lot! Jess was incredibly easy and supportive to talk to. She offered some really helpful feedback on my portfolio, website and branding and I found this to be invaluable. We discussed so many elements of business including the ‘business’ side of things including workflow, time management, managing client expectations, pricing, products and how to add value to your packages. As I am currently building a new website and reviewing branding it was most helpful to hear Jess’s thoughts on this side of the business. Jess provided many inspiring insights and really inspired me to examine the ‘why’s’ behind what I do and why I do it. To consider what inspires and what in the past has influenced my work and style and to reflect on characteristics of myself in my work and how I shoot. This was a game changer for me! This has really helped me to dig deep and come up with a brand and vision for my business that comes from such an authentic place. I cannot thank Jess enough for this insight. It was also really helpful to discuss the importance of curating your portfolio and we also touched on shooting styles, mood and aesthetic. Jess has also shared several resources and tips since our mentor session which is so kind and helpful!
    — Dawn Thomson - Queenstown, New Zealand