Natalie & Brian | Lafayette, Louisiana Backyard Wedding


February 1, 2024

After several years of a blogging hiatus, I knew Natalie and Brian’s backyard wedding in New Iberia, Lousiana (near Lafayette) was one I wanted to blog. Not only was their day beautiful, but it was unfussy, intentional and 100% them.  Natalie is a well-renowned cinematographer herself, having filmed the Apple TV “Black Bird” which was brilliantly done – not only visually, but the acting and storyline, was as well.  I highly recommend the series, especially if you area  true crime junkie like myself. Due to her and Brian’s cinematic background, Natalie really nailed the lighting for the day, and made sure everything was beautiful for me. You may notice the getting ready room with the beautiful window light and ornate mirror, and the well-placed string lights during their reception. These small touches make such a huge difference in the photos. I’m here to document things as they are, and beautiful lighting only elevates the experience and results I deliver.

Their day was a rainy one in Louisiana, but as you can see, the two of them fully embraced it and I can only say it made everything feel even more special. They honored their Cajun roots through pork cracklins, and we made our way through sugarcane fields, a big part of Louisiana agriculture, in the midst of wind for some of their portraits. I especially loved how friends and family came together from all over to celebrate the two of them in Natalie’s childhood home – a place with history and meaning to her and now, Brian.

I was so honored to capture these for them and hope you can feel the day through these images. 

Press play.


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